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Tuesday, September 07, 2010
Its your past that makes you stronger, that makes you who you are.
Dont be sad or feel any regret.
Yesterday's gone.
Tommow's yet to come.
But today havent end yet
so live your fullest!!


I miss your beautiful smile ... 11:52 PM

Saturday, July 03, 2010
i think there wun be any visitor anymore.
since.... i have been mia-ing for so damn long!

to update you'
im currently in pioneerjc, in a lovely class of 10S21~
and having a fantastic cca- TAEKWONDO
a cca which im always looking forward to.
kicking people can be so fun yknow? haa

JC LIFE is so damn fun!
i haven feel the stress and have been enjoying myself like mad!
especially after joining the YMCA project, it enables me to enlarge my capacity.

most importantly, everyday is spent so meaningful that i cant find time for sports and shopping...
i desperately want to play BADMINTON!! swimming, bicycle, and any sports! but why is it raining everyday?:(

gonna go shopping with xinger dumbo today! like finallyXD

stay happy forever

I miss your beautiful smile ... 12:22 PM

Sunday, November 15, 2009

(don't ask me why. i just feel like saying so(:)

I miss your beautiful smile ... 1:43 AM

Saturday, June 20, 2009
SS501 - Because I'm Stupid [Full MV with Eng-Sub & Lyric] Boys Before Flowers OST

haa. isnt this another meaningful song?
it reminded me something again(:
finally finish watching BOF after weeks with bro!
i like the role he played. hahahaa
a big hero is all i can say(:
love is hoping the one you love find their own happiness.


I miss your beautiful smile ... 2:56 PM

Tuesday, June 02, 2009
hey people!!!

wonder how well you people know about me!
kindly take this quiz when you are free(:
look forward to your result!

JiaYing E lols

I miss your beautiful smile ... 9:55 PM

Monday, June 01, 2009

haa. you know... that's for chinese Olevel!

of cos.. i wun be so emo to study alone.
he is my motivation haa(:

juniors were like asking me: "how is the paper?"
& i replied it was exciting!
almost everyone said i was crazy lols!
well.. abit crazy but its true(:

today, we have had our first "O"level paper
- CHINESE p1 and p2!
frankly speaking.. im really not in the mood or even the tense atmosphere most of you are in.
but of cause i did study.
hohoho! choing and memorise the book bro lend me on sunday!
& am so happy that i didt forget phew
"头痛医头, 脚痛医脚!"
i love this phrase the most out of so many!
interesting ya!
the whole family even start chanting this phrase when they see me! hehehe

well. chenmeifan told us to write the newspaper article that one on last friday..
imagine writing something i only written once during chinese intensive..
well, i do agree thats it is safer. and able to achieve higher score haa
YOU KNOW WHAT? the narrative story i wrote during chinese intensive came out exactly the same question, totally same! ohmine.
but since teacher suggest that i shall write that.
but it wasnt that bad either(:
hopefully, i did the right choice!

the examination hall is really fun!
with lots of weird teachers walking around.
& some are even pointing at dunno who, dunno what arose their curiosity..
im really feeling strange, why i havent got the tense mood.
maybe our mindset is thinking that if we dun do well this time round, we still have another chance during EOY?

no matter what.
best of luck for studying for the upcoming PAPERS peepsxo

I miss your beautiful smile ... 10:50 PM

guess who am i?

im mummy pig

im monica! lols

enjoyed the outing with monica on sat(:
it's been such a long time ever since i have been out
for shopping?
haa.. theres so many new stuff out there
i seems like a lost little ant, curious abt those stuff><
maybe a village girl who just enter town lols!
so exaggerating.
well, should go out more often alr
later become lao gu dong! haa

well, actually our main purpose for going out isnt to have fun!
it was to give a halt to my business.
returning the leftover books and receive our comission hees(:
not much though.
after that headed for lunch at subway!
monica! im ah hem...
& there we go! shopping at farest(:

hohoho~! monica!!!
thanks for helping me pick those clothing(:
& thanks alot for the day haa.
a happy day indeed


I miss your beautiful smile ... 10:27 PM

Saturday, May 23, 2009
its been a long long long time ever since i posted something...
well, there isnt anything interesting to post about.

i just cant wait for Os to be over and continue my jc life.
study is so ever boring.
but whenever i think of my goal, i got inspired to study.

yet, i was kinda depressed with my result
kinda lost my confident too.
hoping miracle to happen
beliving there is..
study and study and study!
my june holiday= "studydaysssss"

im just working hard for the sake of you.
lols.. well, nobody knows what im thinking.
im just stupid.

no matter what.
i will show you that i can do it(:
about 4 more months to Os..
hopefully im able to catch up


I miss your beautiful smile ... 12:16 AM

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
elsie mummy. simin. jody sunnu. kaien nuer
me. jiaying sunnu. christin nuer.

kaien. jody. jiaying & jiaying haa

jiaying.c & jody!


LIMJIAYING is finally back here!!! hohohos
i miss my lappy so damn much can? haa

it's finally holiday!
but i ended up having a busy week instead!
well, it makes no different to school days. isnt it?

saturday- tuition
sunday- BUGIS finally (with monica& study after that)
monday- guzheng
tuesday- guzheng
wednesday- IM FREE!!! but have to do project at home! eww
thursday- guzheng
friday- guzheng
saturday- guzheng performance with choir at serangoooon!
sunday- tuition!!!!!!!

its like never ending!
how i wish i can occupy myself in my lalaland as long as i wish!

been hanging out with guzheng clique for the past few days
& guzheng is striving for GOLD!!!!!
so that we will be able to go overseas!
perhaps genting, hongkong or china!
but most probably will be genting as the competition will be held in december after our 'O's!!!
i want to have more fun with you guys!!

ohhyea! im not quite satisfied with my results!
LIMJIAYING wants to pass her chemistry PLEASEEEEEE!
thats what makes her feeelt so bad><
someone help me! urghh!
despite having tuition, it makes no improvement but "deprovements" lols
i want to enter PJC
i want a bright future ahead!!!

but nevertheless, i will not forget to reward myself haa!
& was rewarded on sundayyy hooshooshoooo!


I miss your beautiful smile ... 3:25 PM

Thursday, February 05, 2009
i cant believe that im the person standing right in front of the giordano shop, with a mixed feeling today. i gave a stare and i thought it was just an imaginery.. but NO! it is! &im at lot1 after days and days of studying, doing homework! I was simply shocked & was lost for words.. i cant believe the reality right in front of me! i cant express myself well. elated and sad i was, with my heart pumping so fast that i burst... as i take another good look. How i wish i will always be struck at that specific spot, with the same timing and date FOREVER! it was just how memorable the day was. i counted myself lucky... my dream just came true! i miss the moment.. meanwhile, i realise that memories are meant to be memories forever..

PS: im guilty for your result, hope you forgive me...


I miss your beautiful smile ... 3:29 PM

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